beginning again

beginning again

It’s Christmastime. And I have decided it’s a perfect time to begin again. So much has happened to me over the last six months. For one, I had my very last baby. It was beautiful and bittersweet and I realized I would have never stopped having babies if... read more

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Need help? A shoulder to cry on? A place to feel like you’re not the only one? This is the place.

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The not so crafty Mormon mommy is also an opinionated sassy pants. And happy to meet you!

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Motherhood. The last bastion of the renaissance woman. You’re not alone in one of the best jobs on the planet.

we can do this.

When I lost my daughter and I almost died and I came back to life and I tried to find my place–I wrote. And I threw the words Out There–and they came back to me, in the echoes of hundreds and thousands of women who have given me strength and walked with me and cried with me and helped me find my way. So, I keep writing. I didn’t just find myself when I wrote. I found sisters. Friends. Angels. And you.