I was about to confirm hotel reservations for my husband and I. We lived in DC and we were going to take our first trip ever away from the kids to New York City. I was on the internet booking the reservation when it happened. There was the initial confusion and then... read more

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Motherhood. The last bastion of the renaissance woman. You’re not alone in one of the best jobs on the planet.


I’m still here. Mostly standing. This is where I write about it.

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The not so crafty Mormon mommy is also an opinionated sassy pants. And happy to meet you!

Words and women that help me feel connected to something bigger and better and more amazing than myself…

we can do this.

When I lost my daughter and I almost died and I came back to life and I tried to find my place–I wrote. And I threw the words Out There–and they came back to me, in the echoes of hundreds and thousands of women who have given me strength and walked with me and cried with me and helped me find my way. So, I keep writing. I didn’t just find myself when I wrote. I found sisters. Friends. Angels. And you.