eight years

eight years

It’s been eight years since Joy died. Most of the time it feels like it happened last week, or a few days ago…and sometimes it seems like it was another life, a watercolor in abstract. So, this year I have been trying to get it together again. Every year I... read more
i forgot how big

i forgot how big

So, I have a confession to make. My sisters and I love the movie “Joe Versus the Volcano.” It’s like we are in this little club of extreme geeks who are the only ones who will get it when we say blankly to each other, I have no response to that. Or I... read more

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we can do this.

When I lost my daughter and I almost died and I came back to life and I tried to find my place–I wrote. And I threw the words Out There–and they came back to me, in the echoes of hundreds and thousands of women who have given me strength and walked with me and cried with me and helped me find my way. So, I keep writing. I didn’t just find myself when I wrote. I found sisters. Friends. Angels. And you.