five things for friday: delicious edition

I am participating in Women in the Scriptures Five Things For Friday Blog Hop!


I know all of you who read this blog are waiting in breathless anticipation for a report on how my roaster oven is working out as a crockpot, so I will tell you:

I love it!

It has been so great.  I have baked potatoes, lasagna, cheesy ravioli, and have plans to make slow cooker granola.  It is amazing, and I bought a deep dish lasagna pan which is four inches high and fits inside so I can cook things in the pan, so it doesn’t make the roaster oven dirty.

Lasagna Pan With Spatula and Lid

In fact, I think it will be wonderful in the summer, because I can roast veggies in it OUTSIDE!  It’s amazing.  I highly recommend everyone getting one–the 22 quart Rival brand roaster can fit a 9×13 pan inside of it perfectly.  I would also recommend the deep dish lasagna/roaster pan.


My amazing friend, Jen, who just had a beautiful, beautiful baby boy recommended this recipe to me.  I have never soaked flour before, but I can’t wait to try it.  I love muffins.



And, because her baby is positively delicious, here is the card I designed for her as a “thank you” for people who made dinners for the family. I kept it simple, because that photo is amazing:


Rather than write down all the yummy recipes I’ve seen lately, I will just suggest that you check out my Yummy Recipes board on Pinterest, and please ignore the recipes for things like brownie batter dip and cake mix waffle ice cream sandwiches (photos of sweets are my one weakness. ;)  ).  Some of my favorite pins are:

Frozen Yogurt Banana Ghosts

Inside Out Spring Roll Salad

California Veggie Sandwich


Okay, this may not sound delicious to you, but my baby and my sister’s baby both think it’s delicious.  It is much less expensive than buying organic formula, and I love that even I can make this!  I am so glad my sister tries all this stuff out first so I can just take advantage of her brilliance and experience.  I know breastmilk is the most delicious, but if for some reason your baby is using formula, this is a great, wonderful alternative to buying it.

My Sister's Delicious Baby Loves This Formula



I like some of the recipes on the website “Clean and Delicious.”  Her goal in the about section is:

When it comes to eating, I practice listening to my body (instead of my brain), letting go of food rules, and truly tasting and enjoying the foods that I’m eating when I’m eating them.

My ‘diet-plan’ is to never be on a diet again!

I like that philosophy, and she has lots of video tutorials on how to make minimally processed foods into simply, beautiful dishes.  I liked her video on how to make really good scrambled eggs.  She’s fun and cute and I love that she used coconut oil.

And, thanks again, Heather, for allowing us to hop bloggily with you!


  1. I love coconut oil! We buy it unrefined and in 5 gallon buckets, lol. I find it is a great sub for butter or shortening as it is solid at room temp. IT is also highly stable and has a two year shelf life, which is nice for food storage.
    That roaster looks amazing. We are in hot country, and cooking things outdoors is def. something we’ve been trying to incorporate. I love that you can adjust the temp.
    I hope you and baby are doing well!

    • The roaster temperature is the best because I can adjust it to do a three hour cooking time while I am gone at church for just about anything. Also, even if I use it inside sitting on top of the stove, it doesn’t heat up the house like the oven does, and uses less electricity.

      I love coconut oil, too. It’s amazing!

  2. how interesting about that “formula” recipe. that is the closest one i have seen to the one we used for our two boys. i nurse them as much as i can for as long as i can, but have never been able to make more than a few ounces at a time so had to supplement. but i was not interested in formula so we made something we laughingly called “concoction”. it was raw goats milk, filtered water, probiotic powder (usually e. reuteri), blackstrap molasses, cod liver oil, and folic acid. we also kept powdered goat milk on hand for food storage/emergencies, and also to use on the go sometimes. now that i know how to make kefir, i’ll have to keep that in mind for the next kiddo. the one downside was the blackstrap molasses, because it made the drink look like chocolate milk, which we sometimes got weird looks for. but the real downside was some brown spit up and very stained baby clothes. i stink at putting bibs on, but i think next kiddo i will have to do better! but we had some stinkin’ healthy kiddos and it eased my sad sad sad sad mother heart that wanted so badly to exclusively nurse my babies till they were toddlers!

    thank you also, for the link to that blog. i have been having real trouble with the dieting thing lately. i lost a bunch of weight by being uber-healthy/raw but it has been backfiring lately in a way i can’t seem to get a handle on. every time i do a 3 day juice cleanse or something like that everything spirals out of control and i start eating the most horrible food there is in some kind of crazy retaliation. so i keep thinking that i need to stop doing that and just work really hard on a nice even keel. on moderation and consistency and occasional treats, etc. your recipes and your sensible attitude has really helped me!

    i’m also now one of your pinterest fans, and have very much appreciated the recipes and things there too!

  3. Wow, what a great idea to make your own formula. Even though i have been able to exclusively breastfeed all my babies, i have always worried about what would happen to formula fed babies in an emergency and there was no formula lft. I am pretty ceratin i could nurse at least a dozen babies with the way my body produces milk! But it is good to know there is a backup idea.

    • Heather, I too, have enough milk to feed an army, and have exclusively breastfed all of my children but the last one. He was born physically incapable of nursing, and I just was too exhausted to pump and then try to teach him to breastfeed later on after he had been first on a G tube and then on a bottle.

      I learned in the hospital that often, when a mother is under the stress and exhaustion of having her baby in intensive care, her milk supply can just really, really take a nosedive. They said it was very unusual that I had so much milk considering the stress of our situation…(and I was surprised that I didn’t have more! :) )

      After six weeks of pumping and trying to teach my son to nurse and having nine other children who needed me to be somewhat functional, I decided that for the sake of my sanity, I would switch to formula. We used Nature’s Only organic lactose free formula, but I love making my own instead.

      It has been quite a learning experience, as I NEVER thought I would not breastfeed. I was certainly grateful that there was an option in the event of physical/emotional problems that make a healthy (either mentally or physically) breastfeeding experience not possible.

      And, after the exhaustion of ICU, it was quite a relief to have my husband take care of through the night feeding instead of me. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it and maintain my health.

      I love breastfeeding, but, I, too, am so thankful that there are options for exceptional circumstances that don’t involve the harmful chemicals and poisons found in mainstream brands like Enfamil and Similac and the other junk that passes as okay for babies. It makes me ill to think that babies are fed that kind of disgusting stuff and that corporations get away with it. UGH. One thing I liked about Nature’s One is that, although it can be fed to infants, it is markets as toddler formula to encourage mothers to breastfeed their infants if they can.

  4. Now I’m hungry! Mmmm…

    Oh, and I have really love fresh, raw goat’s milk for my babies when I run out of milk. (I always do. *sigh*) I want to try the formula recipe for this next baby! Thanks, Miss Misty! :-)

    • The formula really is great–I love that most of the ingredients are things I have anyway…

  5. Misty, your formula recipe concerns me quite a bit. How do you know that the things in it are what an infant needs? Who came up with the recipe? There are all kinds of homemade formula recipes out there and many are dangerous. In regards to goat’s milk- after reading the following article I’ve been wary of it:

    I know there’s all kinds of info. about homemade formula and why it’s ok as long as you use RAW goat’s milk, etc. over at the Weston Price foundation site. This recipe looks similar to what they have over there.

    Anyway, you might consider putting a little more information in there for the random passer-by. People need to know that you have to be very careful when making your own formula- something I assume you know, but someone running across this might not.

    I’m glad you found something that worked well for you!

    • Thanks for your concern, Holly. That is a good point.

      I think the carbohydrate difference is made up with the maple syrup and molasses. The protein is diluted by adding 2 cups of water. Also, if my baby were not already eating solids, I would definitely be adding the Nature’s Only DHA/ARA supplement, because it is found in breastmilk. The problem with other DHA/ARA supplements is that they come from bleached algae and contain hexane. Blech. Also, I think the addition of the kefir adds nutrients and other things, while the molasses contains folate, and Vitamin B complex. Sunflower oil contains fatty acids, as well.

      The goat’s milk found in the store is pasteurized, too.

      Anyway, I went with Nature’s Only for the first 10 months exclusively, because I appreciate the fact that they are formulated to mimic mother’s milk, and I have been very happy with it. I only recently switched to this formula because he is transitioning to people food.

      My baby was in PICU for four days and hospitalized for an additional 2 after that. I talked to doctors at Primary Children’s about formula–how funny that they hadn’t heard about this Nature’s Only formula–the were wary at first, but after reading the nutritional analysis, they were impressed.

      I am not entirely sure what the nutritional analysis of this particular recipe is, but my sister has been using it with great results, which is why I was a little more relaxed about it. Also, since he is almost a year old and eating solids, I am not really as concerned about his nutrient intake as I would be for a newborn.

      If I were to use this for a newborn, I would probably do a little more research. That being said, even with all the formula manufacturers know about analysis, in the end, I still believe the likes of Similac and Enfamil are very low quality. I would definitely go with an organic formula instead.


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