just a really funny clip for nerds who ever watched sci-fi

This guy made a composite audition for every single sci-fi movie ever made.  I just clipped my favorite minute or so.  It’s really funny.  You can also view the original long version at YouTube, but I don’t watch that many movies, so I didn’t know why it would be funny…Who knows? This may not even be really funny.  It could be the bedrest talking.  Enjoy at your own risk. :)


  1. I was only able to appreciate the Star Trek one- couldn’t place any others. Some people have a lot of time on their hands….but at least they use it to bring a smile to the face of a gestating woman! ( :

    • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Holly–I am so happy for you! Yea, yea, YEA!

  2. I am not a scifi fan, unless you count reading Jules Verne…that’s about as far as I get. =)
    I’m so sorry you are on bedrest! That is tough. I have only had to endure 2 weeks of partial bedrest from a torn under-ab-ligament, but my mom had to in many of her pregnancies.
    I will pray that all is well with you and your sweet little one in these last weeks…


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