My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day (well, I was mostly talking, and she was listening…I talk too much), and she said, “I love the pictures of the house on the blog…but where are the photos of the bedrooms?”

Well, I will tell you why there were no photos of the bedrooms–because they are boring.  We only do beds in bedrooms.  There are no themes, no pretty bedspreads, no toys, no media…NOTHING but a place to sleep.

For this reason, we don’t need many bedrooms to get by.  And we don’t have that many.  We only have four, to be exact.  I suppose we could make the school room a bedroom if we really wanted to, and maybe we will someday, but…

Today is not that day.

First of all, I have to confess I didn’t want that to be my schoolroom.  I was going to make it into a cozy library with little places to read and a really fuzzy rug.  But, no.  Heavenly Father wanted it to be a schoolroom, so there it is.  Ugh.

I actually pouted as I had to shelf my dreams of cold winter days, a snowstorm outside, and me, tucked in a warm blanket in a cozy chair reading Jane Austen aloud to my children who would undoubtedly be so enthralled as to be rendered speechless, each of them holding a sweet three, one, or less-than-one year old, all who would be sleeping in their arms.

Heavenly Father is more realistic than I am.

So, I am going to post pictures of the bedrooms and then I am going to buy a new camera.  Because mine is like 10 years old and completely not a good camera for a blog. Plus, maybe photography is too close to being crafty…I don’t know…I just don’t have those skills.  Makes me appreciate all my bloggy friends who do.  And you know who you are.

The Dorm Room

It’s the girls’ room–there are four of them in there right now, and they talk all hours of the night and giggle and whatnot–and they are so loud in there during the day.  It inevitably ends up messy and with that haphazard look that is typical of girls in college, so we call it the dorm.  It’s really cute when they are all in there together.  There is a closet, and then another door which is the water heater, and another door which leads to a full size bathroom they share (and I doubt that will ever be clean enough for picture taking):

One Side of the Dorm Room With The Closet and Two Matching Twin Beds

As you can see, the backlight from the garden really made the picture look dark, but the matching beds are from a hotel that was getting rid of furnishings.  The black table between them is actually a Wal-Mart Mainstays flat screen tv stand (we have another one in the corner there with Tilly the Rat and her cage sitting on top).

Tilly The Rat, Adopted from BYU Idaho’s Psychology Department In Order To Avoid Going To The Science Lab After The Semester Ended

The other side of the room has some lovely built-in cabinets that store the youngest girls’ clothes and all the girls bathroom toiletries (in bins, of course.  I love bins.).  I didn’t take a picture because a cabinet door is broken right now and it would look messy.  But here is the other bed in the room.  It’s a trundle:

The Trundle On The Other Side of the Dorm Room

The bathroom is opposite this bed.  If we had guests come, this would be the room they would get.  The twin beds are actually extremely comfortable…more comfy than my bed, anyway.

The Family Room

Where our toys are.  We don’t have too many, but here is a list:

  • Imaginext Castle (Swan and Dragon)
  • Wooden Blocks
  • Schleich Animal Miniatures
  • Legos (not the set kind, just a bunch of building ones)
  • Play soldiers
  • Matchbox cars
  • Doll Cradle and Two American Girl Dolls (not pictured) with a rocking chair
  • Pretend Nerf swords and shields (not shown)

That’s it.  And we have two couches in there, too.  And a digital piano. And a few rugs.

The Family Room

Yes, I do love bins.  Also, we have purchased an inexpensive little picnic table (pictures here without its umbrella), for pretending and also really eating.  We have a wet bar, which the kids use as a pretend café–they’ve even named it Fantasy Cove Café and we put Christmas lights around it.  It is also used as a place for the older ones to paint:

Fantasy Cove Cafe

Fantasy Cove Cafe Open For Business

There Are Two Sets of These Door In the Family Room

Boys Rooms

Here are the boy’s rooms.  Pretty nondescript.  One has a balcony, which is pretty, but it’s boys, so we deadbolt locked it. 🙂

Room 1: The Closet Area and A Pillow (Exciting)

Room 2: Balcony and Bed Without It’s Comforter and Other Pillows  On Top (Outside Being Used For A Picnic, I Later Discovered…)

The Garden Wall

It’s like an extension of the family room and the school room (there is a door in the school room that leads to a pathway to the garden and the family room has doors to it, too).  Here it is:

Playing On the Garden Wall

A Closer Look

Hope you enjoyed this part of the tour.  I know the closet photo was probably worth the whole click it took to come visit. 🙂

Stay tuned, though…tomorrow I will be posting an exciting story about an epic fail.  Great stuff.  Make some popcorn.  ‘Til then, good night, beautiful world!