I am full of brilliance! Okay, maybe not brilliance.  But, I am shiny at the very least!

So, put on your sunglasses so you won’t be blinded and read on…


Do you ever feel like Pinterest is kind of a little bit of a waste of time?  Well, I have found a brilliant, brilliant use for it!  Yes, I am kind of really excited about my wonderfully fabulously brilliant idea!  In fact, right now, I am holding in giggles as I attempt to unveil it to the world wide world…


I realized that Pinterest can be used to do good.  When I feel like doing something nice for someone who I know has a Pinterest account, I look at their boards and find one of the following:

  • Something to bake for them (this is usually not what I, personally do, because that would not end up as being something nice)
  • Something to make a care package out of  (for example, if they have pinned a craft or something they’d like to make with their children, get all the supplies together and mail it to them)
  • Something to buy them (have they pinned a book they want to get, a favorite author, etcetera?)
  • Something to make for them (my latest creation was a hardcover book at Shutterfly using all my sister’s favorite quotes from her Pinterest board along with pictures of her nieces and nephews–and that is about as crafty as I get).
Alright.  I will pause here as all of you stop and catch your breath as I know my brilliance just took your breath away.


Speaking of Pinterest, in the spirit of trying not to have it be a complete waste of time, I actually have attempted to try out things I’ve found on there.  I will, as a public service to all of you, review some of them here, along with whether they were brilliant or…not.

Pineapple Angel Food Cake…WOW!

This is really, really bomb proof–so they said.  Simply dump an angel food cake mix in a bowl and mix with a can of pineapple, and VOILA!  Magic.

Verdict:  Tasted great.  Exploded in the oven.  The kids thought it was very, very cool.

The Pumpkin Wins

Not to be deterred (and since I bought angel food cake mix in bulk), we decided to try the pumpkin version.

Verdict: Did not explode.  Smelled like Christmas.  Tasted delicious. Oven did not need to be cleaned.  Mom thought it was really cool.

Nature Art

We tried this one day when we had friends over, and it was a smashing success!  I couldn’t believe how pretty all of their pictures turned out, and it kept them occupied for quite some time.

Finished Product!

Verdict: This is a keeper for the girls, definitely.  All we needed was glue and paper and the yard.


So, you know how you see all that sage advice in little quotable printables on Pinterest?  Here is one that I thought I would put to the test.  I waited for a misfortune, then I whined about it.

Verdict: Elder Holland is SPOT ON.  

Veggie Tostadas

I had a lot of Ezekiel’s Sprouted Corn Tortillas (we, as a family, heartily concur that the sprouted wheat tortillas taste like cardboard). So, we decided to make some tostadas.

Verdict: Easy and yummy for moms.  They crisp up just fine without any oil at all.  I grill them in my panini grill.  Sometimes I don’t use beans.  Most of the time, I am the only one who eats them, but I love them.  The littles can’t eat the tostadas because they are too chewy.


They are brilliant.


It is almost time to vote, and here is my next stroke of brilliance.


1. Go to see “The Price of Freedom in Arizona.

2. If you can’t go to the performance (or even if you can ),  buy the CD at Spire Music.

3. You can also view many of the original cast performing the songs on YouTube.

4. Only then will you really be prepared to vote.



Finally, A Use For My Floor To Ceiling Bathroom Mirror!

I finally found a use for my floor to ceiling mirror in my bathroom…I bought dry erase markers.  I use it to record my weight and exercise accomplishments.  Or not.  Some days say things like “walked” and some say “ate ice cream.”  On the bottom half of the mirror, I let my littles draw me pictures while I am showering so they don’t burn the house down.  This website has some nice ideas for what you could write on your mirror.  Or your children’s mirrors.


From Amazon, Of Course

I got the extra dry, non-toxic markers.  The kids really like this stroke of brilliance!  And I get beautiful artwork and notes of encouragement every day!