This booklist is organized by reading level, which does not necessarily reflect to a grade level.

Many of the books can be downloaded online with a membership to the Deseret Book GospeLink ( Alternatively, you can buy most of the classic books from a used Gospelink CD at Just do a search for “Gospelink” (there is a 1998 version and a 2001 version). The books available on Gospelink are starred.(*)

Also, there are other CDs called “LDS Infobases” and they also have lots of books there as well. Again, a search on Amazon or eBay may yield a great deal!

Some of these are selections from the Friend magazine, LDS Seminary and Institute Manuals, and other Church publications, which can be accessed at or purchased at a Distribution Center.

The remaining books can be found at Amazon, DeseretBook, or eBay or other used booksellers.  You can download a copy of the list by clicking on the link below.  The list is in pdf format.

 LDS Classical Education Booklist: A List of Books by LDS Authors (pdf format) 

Level 1 Books:

Nephi, Nephi The Scriptures Are True, Anita Wells

Marion Passey Series

  • My Tiny Book of Prayer
  • My Tiny Book of Family
  • My Tiny Book of Tithing
  • My Tiny Book of Joseph Smith

Deanna Draper Buck Series:

  • My First Book of Mormon Stories
  • More of My First Book of Mormon Stories
  • My First Articles of Faith
  • My First Church History Stories
  • My First New Testament Stories
  • My First Old Testament Stories

When I Serve A Mission, Where Will I Go? Ann Christensen

CTR, Val Chadwick Bagley

My First LDS Word Book, Deseret Book

Level 2 Books:

LDS Children’s Encyclopedia, Dennis A Wright

Daughter of A King, Rachel Ann Nunes

Secret of the King, Rachel Ann Nunes

Pioneer Life From A to Z, Bobbie Kalman

A Pioneer Sampler: The Daily Life Of A Pioneer Family in 1840, Barbara Greenwood

From The Lives of the Church Presidents Series in The Friend, 2001-Present

Special Witness sections of The Friend, 2002-Present

Level 3-4 Books

Adventures of Young Joseph Williams, Dean Hughes

Susan Arrington Madsen:

  • I Walked To Zion, True Stories of Young Pioneers*
  • Growing Up In Zion*

Come Listen To A Prophet’s Voice in The Friend, 2002-Present

Classic Stories from the Lives of Our Prophets, Leon Hartshorn *

Exceptional Stories from the Live of Our Apostles, Leon Hartshorn *

Great Stories from Mormon History, Dean Hughes *

Inspiring Stories for Young Latter- day Saints, Leon Hartshorn *

A Christmas Dress For Ellen, Thomas S. Monson*

Gospel Principles (LDS Website)

Our Heritage: A Brief History of the Church (LDS Website)

 Level 5-7 Books

Mary Ellen Edmunds:

  • Love Is A Verb
  • Happiness, Finders, Keepers
  • Mee Thinks
  • You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don’t Need

Memorable Stories and Parables, Boyd K Packer*

Book of Mormon Who’s Who, Ed J. Pinegar (Illustrated)

Thomas R. Valletta:

  • Old Testament for LDS Families
  • Book of Mormon for LDS Families
  • New Testament for LDS Families
  • Church History for LDS Families

Marvelous Work and A Wonder, LeGrand Richards*

Joseph Smith, the Prophet, Truman G Madsen*

Wondrous Power of a Mother, Gordon B Hinckley*

Standing for Something, Gordon B Hinckley

Defender of the Faith: The BH Roberts Story, Truman G. Madsen*

I Walk By Faith, Ardeth Kapp

Joy of the Journey, Ardeth Kapp

Especially For Missionaries, Vol.1 through 5, Ed Pinegar*

One For The Money, Marvin J. Ashton*

Our Latter Day Hymns, Karen Davidson*

Jack Weyland’s Short Stories From The New Era (LDS Website)

Our Search For Happiness, M. Russell Ballard*

Radiant Life, Truman G Madsen*

Charter of Liberty: The Inspired Origin and Prophetic Destiny of the Constitution, William O Nelson*

LDS Seminary Study Guides (CES Website)

To Him That Believeth, Frederick  Babbel

John H. Groberg:

  •  In The Eye of the Storm*
  • The Fire of Faith*

Return to Virtue, Elaine Dalton*

Gerald N. Lund:

  •  The Freedom Factor
  • The Alliance
  • One In Thine Hand
  • The Kingdom and the Crown Series

Father of the Prophet: Stories and Insights from the Life of Joseph Smith, Sr, Mark McConkie*

Hyrum Smith, Patriarch, Pearson Corbett*

Ancient Apostles, David O McKay*

Answers to Gospel Questions, Joseph Fielding Smith*

Spencer W Kimball: 12th Prophet, Andrew E Kimball*

Letters of Brigham Young to His Sons, Dean C Jesse*

Mediation and Atonement, John Taylor*

Stand Ye In Holy Places, Harold B Lee*

RS/Priesthood Courses of Study: Brigham Young, Harold B Lee, Joseph F Smith, Heber J Grant, etc (LDS Website)

For The Strength of Youth (LDS Website)

True To The Faith (LDS Website) Stories From My Life, James E. Faust*

The Lord’s Way, Dallin H. Oaks*

Samuel, Moroni’s Young Warrior Series, Dean Paulson

 Level 8-12 Books:

Leverage Point, Gerald N. Lund

Shakespeare’s Best Work, George Durrant

Soldier Boys, Dean Hughes

Inspirational Classics for Latter-day Saints, Jack M. Lyon

Witness and a Warning, Ezra Taft Benson*

Mothers of the Prophets, Leonard Arrington*

Preach My Gospel (LDS Website) William Clayton’s Journal Nauvoo to Salt Lake, William Clayton*

Ezra Taft Benson:

  • The Proper Role of Government
  • God, Family, Country*
  • This Nation Shall Endure*

In Their Own Words: Women and the Story of Nauvoo, Carol Cornwall Madsen*

Mary Fielding Smith: Daughter of Britain, Portrait of Courage, Don Cecil Corbett*

Eternal Man, Truman G. Madsen*

Eyewitness Accounts of the Restoration, Milton Backman*

Grand Design: America from Columbus to Zion, E. Douglas Clark*

History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, Lucy Mack Smith*

Go Forward With Faith, Sheri Dew*

C.S. Lewis, The Man and His Message, An LDS Perspective, Robert Millet*

Be Thou an Example, Gordon B. Hinckley*

Reflections of A Scientist, Henry B. Eyring*

To Draw Closer To God, Henry B. Eyring

Reflections on Mormonism, Truman G Madsen*

History of the Church, Vol 1-7*

Presidents of the Church, Truman G. Madsen

Bring Forth Your Light, Frederick Babbel

The Works of Elder Neal A. Maxwell*

James E. Talmage:

  • Jesus The Christ*
  • Articles of Faith*

Discourses of the Prophets*

Teachings of…the Prophets*

Brigham Young At Home, Clarissa Young Spencer*

Messenger and Advocate, Times and Seasons, Evening and Morning Star, Millenial Star*

Spencer W. Kimball:

  • Faith Precedes the Miracle*
  • Miracle of Forgiveness*

Italian Mission, Lorenzo Snow*

Personal Writings of Joseph Smith*

The Holy Temple, Boyd K. Packer*

Lectures on Faith, Joseph Smith*

Joseph Smith Papers, Joseph Smith

Counseling In Our Councils, M. Russell Ballard*

Institute Student Manuals: (CES Website)

  • Book of Mormon
  • Preach My Gospel
  • New Testament
  • Eternal Marriage
  • Intro to Family History
  • Old Testament
  • Doctrine and Covenants
  • Pearl of Great Price
  • Teachings of the Living Prophets
  • Church History in the Fulness of Times
  • Presidents of the Church
  • Doctrines of the Gospel