Did you know that diamonds in nature are found in all the colors of the rainbow?

I think that’s nice.

And when a certain color is prominent, especially pink, light blue or lavender, it is known officially as “Fancy Color.”

I like that, too.

It makes me feel like, even with diamonds, Heavenly Father is telling me that He loves the differentness of all of us–and in all of our differentness, we can be considered “fancy.”

While it is known how are other colored diamonds get their color, no one is entirely sure how the pink diamond becomes pink.

It’s a mystery.

Kind of like women.

We are a mystery–even to ourselves.

The most expensive gem to be sold in the history of the world was a pink diamond.

It is called the “Graff Pink.

The Graff Pink

The Graff Pink

Which I think is a little anticlimactic.

Of course, it was named by a man.

I have some pink diamonds that are worth far more.  Of course, they are not actually mine in the literal sense–they are “on loan” from Heaven.  And they are named better, incidentally.

I have the Rachel, the Charity Loretta, the Emily April, the Esther Miriam, the Abigail, and the Allison Joy.  All one-of-a-kind rarities unlike any others on the face of the earth.

One Of My Modern Cut Pink Diamonds

One Of My Modern Cut Pink Diamonds

And here is another of my pink diamonds, cut in vintage style:

Another Of My Pink Diamonds

And, now, I have been given another to watch over:

The sassy and sparkly

addiejayneShe will be debuting in late May. She’ll definitely be a “fancy one.” 🙂