Sometimes I get to offer up what I call a wish prayer.  These are the prayers that feel more like wishes and they appeal very much to my romantic sensibilities, and I especially like them because they make me feel like a princess who has a King for a Father, and that He cares very much about my hopes and dreams.

It feels so very personal.

And since I have been in the hospital (going on two weeks), I have been offering up wish prayers.

Wishing that I will be able to see the joy in this part of the journey.

Wishing that I won’t die.

Wishing that someone will be able to figure out why my white blood cell count won’t go down.

Wishing that I can somehow be the means of brightening up another’s day.

Wishing that I will make it through with grace.

I love that Heavenly Father permits me to wish and hope, and even encourages it.

He’s very kind that way.

Oh, and I have seen my Addie Jayne.   She is always peeking her head in the room and giggling.

I’ve also been with angels.

They are here a lot.

I can actually see them.

And I am so happy that I am not blind to the great visitations of love from heaven that are pouring into little room 2010.

I love my angels–I realize, now, more than ever, that I have many mothers on the other side of the veil, and that’s nice to know.  I am so grateful to see with my heart.

It has been a profoundly moving experience.

And, I know we are never, ever alone.  Ever.