You know those days where you make a dozen loaves of homemade bread that turn out perfectly, you get up early and find that your kids have already gotten up and prepared a delicious, home cooked breakfast, and everyone is excited about homeschool and the chores get done in time to enjoy the sunset on the back porch?

And you even got a few snapshots of everyone looking great and happy and clothed?

I love those days.

Today was not that day, but it felt like it.

I think maybe my standards of perfection have been drastically reduced or I have finally learned that the most perfect days aren’t the sum of what I’ve accomplished (although that does feel good and it does make for a great day!), but more about doing it God’s way. Whatever “it” happens to look like.

I'm Going There Soon

I’m Going There Soon

My favorite part of the day was planning a morning at the beach. I am going to take some of the kids really, really, really early in the morning to the beach so we can see the sun rise.

This is my plan. I don’t know how I am going to execute it, exactly, but I wanted to plan it as if I might even do it tomorrow, because–who knows? Maybe I could!

That’s the kind of day I had. Where I could dream about things that may not be possible today, but that could be possible tomorrow. Where I could have hope that they will be possible.

The other favorite part of my day was that when I started to have a postpartum mood swing, I was like, “Oh, yeah, it’s a postpartum mood swing–just roll with it,” and then I would just cry for fifteen minutes and that would be it.

Today it was literally a sobfest when we started reading Mormon chapter three, because I can’t read the last part of the Book of Mormon without crying through the whole thing, anyway. Add post pregnancy hormones, and it was really, really too much for me.

Why Did I Cry About This? Who Knows...But It Was Okay

Why Did I Cry About This? Who Knows…But It Was Okay

Also, I cried when I realized we were out of fruit juice sweetened dried cranberries. My summer sweet salad just didn’t “pop” with them missing. So I cried.

It was just crying. No emotions behind it, really. Just weird post pregnancy crying.

But, I was like, “Hey, this is just part of having a baby. Yay for me, I had a baby!”

She Is Wonderful

She Is Wonderful

And, even when Miss Addie Jayne was crying because she doesn’t like to wear clothes and it made it to where I felt like my head was going to explode because of the whole recovering-from-spinal-meningitis thing, I was like, “It’s going to be fine. She will be fine when she is in nothing but a diaper lying against my chest.”

And I was right! She was! Five minutes later, she was perfectly content and naked as a jaybird (if jaybirds wore diapers), and lazily drifting away to dreamland.

And, I felt so proud of myself because I was actually right, and I just had to kind of bask in the wonderful feeling of being right. It was great.

It even waited to rain until the kids got a chance to do a river boat ride down the Amazon!

Down The Amazon...

Down The Amazon…

And when it was time to make dinner I almost made meatloaf, but then the Spirit told me not to, because the kids were tired of meatloaf after having it a lot when I was in the hospital and since I have been sick.

So I made Hamburger Steaks (we are in the South again, after all!) and Roasted Broccoli (without the lemon, because I didn’t have any lemon).


The Amateur Gourmet claimed it was magical…and it nearly was!

And while the broccoli wasn’t so good that we all wanted to live off of nothing but broccoli for the rest of our lives (as the blogger who shared the recipe claimed), we actually did love it.

Dinner disaster averted.

I even made homemade gravy.  The fire alarm did not even go off at all.

Mine Looked Like This, Too!

Mine Looked Like This, Too!

I just couldn’t go wrong!

I even made a raw queso dip that tasted so good my husband ate it on purpose without being cajoled or even asked.  He ate it and then ate some more and didn’t make that face where it looks like he’s trying to like it but doesn’t really.

He actually liked it, and it is made out of cashews. What miracle is this?

(By the way, it really is delicious, and Detoxinista has some really great recipes.)

And I found these pictures on my new camera and I even figured out how to get them off the camera and on to my computer:

Some Of My Boys

Some Of My Boys

And I had time to listen to half of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” as read by this cutie pie here:

My Girl

My Girl

No crisis. No hospitals. No natural disasters. Just a beautifully boring uneventful day in which I felt the crown called content resting on my head.

I could see so clearly and it was so nice just to breathe and exhale and not have anything happen.

It’s days like this I now live for and I am so thankful to have had one today. Even without the homemade bread.

It’s nice to have a day that you can see through heaven’s eyes instead of your own. It just feels so good.

Enjoy the video–the words always make me cry and feel inspired to do small things with great love in my own little part of the great big universe–and until next time, good night, beautiful, beautiful world!