one in a million

one in a million

Last month I reached a blogging milestone, thanks to you, dear readers.

I had over a million hits.

So, then I panicked. I felt like I needed to step it up a notch.

Yumm...stroopwafels! Heavenly goodness.

Yumm…stroopwafels! Heavenly goodness.

I mean, maybe I should really consider becoming a Shabby Apple affiliate, or advertising, or writing positive blog reviews on my free stroopwafel maker I got so I would do a review on it.  (That hasn’t yet happened, but I don’t think anyone would trust me with a stroopwafel maker, anyway.)

I don’t know.

Maybe I should be attending a blogging conference or something.

I mean, time to take it to the next level, right?

Let's Just Chat

Let’s Just Chat

But, you know, I just like things the way they are (although I think I will be posting more frequently). I like feeling like I am having a chat with a small group of amazing women (and sometimes men), in my living room, sipping hot cocoa while the kids are in bed and I love it.

I like that it feels intimate, when so many places on the web just…don’t.

Does it feel intimate? I don’t know…I hope I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who have prayed for me and my family, sent me lovely gifts (for which I never seem to get out thank you cards), and generally just continue to change my life in so many uplifting and positive ways.


I mean it. Thank you.

I mean it. Thank you.

You are wonderful and I love you.

And, maybe I will try to step it up a notch. My goal for this blog has always been that I would like to be a place where when a girl is having a bad day, she can just plop on her computer and when she wishes she could just google, “How am I going to make it through the rest of this week?” or “I’m feeling lonely and need help,” she can just type in instead and it will help her to feel better.

You know?

I hope I am getting there. I know I have a long way to go, but I really want that for this little tiny corner of the internet universe.

I wish I could give you all a bunch of freebies and giveaways, but the only time I do giveaways, I end up giving away to everyone because that’s just how I roll, and my husband said I could only do them like once every two years. :) And, since I don’t seek advertisers or anything, no one is interested in my opinion on the latest bestseller or candle or whatever people are reviewing these days.

What I can give you are little pieces of my heart, and I will try to keep doing that, and hoping that somehow, when we all share our hearts with each other, it can help us have courage to fight the good fight.

I have been contemplating some pretty heavy stuff lately, and I am working on sharing it with you. I want you to know that I read all your emails and I think deeply about the problems you face that you share with me. And I pray for you. A lot.

Oh, and also, Happy Holidays. I haven’t forgotten, and I have things to say about this most wonderful time of the year, too.

I am also moving within the next two weeks to a new NO STAIRS home! Woohoo! Although, I am not sure what is going on with me, since I have yet to pack one box. Ah, well. I am sure things will go just fine. I hope. I am excited for this change. I will have an office. A place to write. It’s exciting. I think it will be too much pressure, and I wonder how I will do when I have something as official as an OFFICE.

(Okay, it’s also going to double as the library and schoolish type room…but STILL. My retro desk will be in there. I can’t not write!)



I also need to do an update on our Noah bear. I want to write about hurt and healing and love and all kinds of things that matter, and I hope you will be sticking with me for the ride, as I learn so much from you. Also, if there is anything you want me to write about, please let me know. I am open for ideas.

Thanks again, you! For sticking with me through thick and thin (well, mostly thick). Through spinal meningitis and crazy pregnancies and epiphanies, and Noah’s medical stuff, and our many moves and my sassy pants and my Bessie cow pajamas. Thanks for loving me in spite of everything! Here’s to more adventure!


An Awfully Big Adventure…



  1. Stroopwafels! Have you ever had them? They got me through my first winter in Holland! Warm them on top of your mug of cocoa and you have a bite of heaven! Good luck with the move!

    • Becky, I love stroopwafels. I like them with maple syrup in the middle…oh, my. Goodness. Yes, that would get me through a winter in Holland, for sure. :) I’m getting hungry!

  2. Whaaat! Super cute picture Misty! (The one by your comment.) You look gorgeous.

    I love your blog because you don’t have giveaways and sponsors and junk. Don’t ever start! My giveaways consist of stuff I already have that I want to give away. ( : Ha ha!

    I still want you to write about how to help people at church who have special needs. I think it’s so hard to get out of the mentality that we want everyone to be doing the same things at church. “Let’s make sure that boy goes to scouts! Get those kids to Primary! That woman didn’t attend RS this month- we’ve got to get her here!” How to avoid doing that and actually figure out what the family or individual really needs.

  3. I have never heard of strop waffles…I sorta thought you were making it up;). Love you! You are one in a mil in my book!

  4. I like your blog very, very much. :-) And your avatar is really sweet (said in that 90s tone). (I can’t believe I am talking about the 90s like it is so retro, oh my)

    I personally like knowing about you and what you are doing, and all the interesting ideas you have, and how you change your mind sometimes (because I know we all do), and I also like some deep thought provoking, make-me-take-a-hard-look-at-myself posts too. I have a tendency to think I know a lot, and I need to be humbled every now and then. :-)

    oh, and your kids are just cute, so a few pictures of them doesn’t hurt either! :-)

  5. I love stroopwaffels so much. I might marry them. That’s how delicious they are.

    Oh, except I’m already married. So I guess I’m out of luck.

  6. Thank you for blogging. Thank you for your honesty, wit, humbleness, and seeing the silver lining. You help me with perspective and increase my desire to do and to be better.

    Love to you and yours.

  7. I second Holly’s opinion that that picture of you is very cute. You look friendly and wise and sassy all at the same time! Way to get a million hits! That is a bragging right I will never achieve. Must go prepare preschool now. Thanks for sharing your heart, life, and family with us. We love you very, very much.

  8. Misty,

    I loved this post as always. You are so sweet and thoughtful. I am a very private person and have a difficult time opening up to others so I admire your ability to put yourself “out there” for all who read your blog. You are definately a very inspiring person and I am thankful that you share a little bit of your heart with me. I am glad you are able to move to a house without stairs. I love the sweet picture of Noah. He is adorable!

    I hope your day of giving thanks to Him was a good one.


  9. I just want to say thank you for this site, and your others that I’ve read over the past couple of years. They’ve inspired me to dig a little deeper and think a little bit more about what and why I’m doing what I do, at church, at home, and in the rest of my life.

    You have given me the freedom to think about whether going to the latest “let’s just chat” RS activity is going to help me and my family and my testimony or just bring me down.

    Thank you!

  10. I’m so glad there aren’t reviews or giveaways here. There are too many of those. Your sweet, thoughtful posts are what make it worth my time to pause to read and reflect.

  11. Can your next giveaway be a getaway to visit Misty in Florida and enjoy a day at the Magic Kingdom? ;)

    You are loved!

  12. I love reading your blog. I appreciate your honesty, and the way you make me look at things differently. It’s always a happy day for me when I see you have a new post up. Congratulations on reaching a million hits.

  13. You said, “My goal for this blog has always been that I would like it to be a place where when a girl is having a bad day, she can just plop on her computer and when she wishes she could just google, ‘How am I going to make it through the rest of this week?’ or ‘I’m feeling lonely and need help,’ she can just type in instead and it will help her to feel better.” Well, for me, that is exactly what your blog is. Thank you for what you share.


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