I just need to write about everything that’s been on my mind lately.

Very sad things are happening around the world.

I think that’s been happening ever since people had the ability to choose evil over good.

In my faith, it is our belief that the children of God were given their agency so they could choose good over evil, not between good and evil.

Too bad so many people don’t.

And now we get to read about evil every hour, or see it on television or cable or YouTube or across the street.

It’s hard to live in a time when the world and its problems are constantly a part of our awareness.

And, if I didn’t know that there was an overarching plan, it would be terrifying.


Sometimes, even when I do realize there is a plan and a God who is intimately aware of everything that is happening, it can still be scary.



People are suffering everywhere; in our neighborhoods and all over the world, and we are now aware of it every moment of every day.

The Christians suffering in Iraq.

It made me cry. Sob, actually.

I am grateful I don’t have television and wish there weren’t so many videos and photographs of what is happening. I sometimes worry that our culture is so desensitized to virtual violence that when real violent images are shown, we don’t even process it as “real.” It’s just another “scene.”

And it’s not.

It’s real. And those are real children and real mothers and real families, and sometimes I think it is disrespectful and even offensive to publish these images. I am not only worried about those suffering, but worried about what the constant barrage of images mixed with “virtual” violence might do to some of us.

Robin Williams committed suicide and it made me cry that so many people were so affected by it.

I feel like it is because far too many of us can relate. Too many people I know are happy on the outside and dying on the inside. Starving for understanding, compassion and real love.

Not Facebook love. Not Pinterest followers. Real life love.

I think too many people are struggling with feeling horrible and awful when they are faced with quiet. Too many people fill their lives with noise to drown out the sobbings of their hearts. And I want that to stop.

There are riots and lootings and people who are angry and it’s just one long string of sad events.



And I am just a mom. A mom who didn’t get a shower until 1:48 this afternoon. A mom who made lunch in her pajamas.

A mom who has lots of children and doesn’t really leave the house. Not really.

What can this mom do? How can I stand up for something and roar:


Because I have had it.

I have had it with broken lives and betrayal and addiction and murderous hearts and corruption and I want to scream.

Is it just me?

Or am I right to believe there are other women like me who want to stand up for good and right and defend our families and our lives and our love for freedom from the tyranny of sin and corruption?

Are there other women like me who are tired of the evil that never sleeps?

Of course there are. And we can do something.

I will tell you what we are going to do.


We Are Going To Pray

We are going to pray.

I am going to pray like I’ve never prayed before.

I am going to pour out my soul to God and plead with all the power of my mother heart for Him to intervene and help.

We are going to fast.

I am going to fast with conviction and devotion and I am going to have faith that it will be more powerful than prayers alone.

We are going to ask God what we can do in our own little sphere of influence to increase light and good in the world. And then we are actually going to act on it.

We are going to give up on washboard abs and magazine worthy living rooms and use that time to listen to the brokenhearted and be with those who are dying on the inside.

And they will live.

We are not just going to think compassionately. We are going to be compassion.

We are going to the edge of the darkness and we are going to grasp the hands of those who are drowning in it.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

And we are going to love our children.

I mean really love them.

We are going to teach them that the greatest power on earth is Love.



That our power lies in our ability to listen to Heaven and follow the celestial spark inside of us.

We are going to unite as women and mothers and blind the darkness with brilliant light.



We are going to be and embrace all that is good on this earth.

We are going to teach our children to live for a better world–a heavenly one.

And we won’t give up.

We won’t quit.

And that is how we will beat the bad guys. That is how we will win.

Let’s roar.