To My Kids:

It may seem that in the midst of all the scary things happening, you are fighting in a losing battle. It may seem that people look at you and scoff at you, mistaking kindness as a weakness and mocking it into oblivion.

It’s not true.

You see, there is a great secret: And it is that meekness has never been and never will be weakness.

The secret is something that all the great ones have known.

The secret is that love is the greatest power on earth.

Chihiro Iwasaki

Chihiro Iwasaki

All the hatred, power hungry, vengeful, ugliness–no matter how it is dressed up and paraded on the world’s stage–can never be as strong as even the smallest hint of love and kindness.

Oh, people think they have power when they get angry and they can stir others up to anger…but, really, they have lost their power the moment they venture into this territory…they are like ‘cities that are broken down, without walls…’

People may seem powerful when they use money and manipulation to buy fame, fortune, land and nations…but they have nothing if they are prisoners of their own selfishness and insecurities. Fear can never allow for true freedom.

Love is secure in itself. Kindness is power.

You are not alone. Right now, as I am writing this, there are thousands, hundreds of thousands–even millions–of good people who are thinking the same thing you are…

“Am I alone?”

Alone, Elisa Chavarri

Alone, Elisa Chavarri

But you are not alone.

You are not!

If you close your eyes before you look out at the world and then look with your heart, you will see that you are a light.

And there are other lights shining–some brightly, some flickering, some steady and sure…and they are all small stars lighting up the world. They are what is good and kind and right and they are everywhere.

Even in the darkest hours, they are there.

They have always been there–and although there have been times when there were only a very few, that is not true now.

There is an army of goodness and light and love and kindness out there.

And whenever a light goes out here, a new star is born somewhere to shine down ten thousand times brighter to light our way, so that darkness can never truly conquer.

We will always prevail.

Sometimes it is lonely, because sometimes the lights are spread so far apart that you may not be able to see them.

Sometimes the fog of rhetoric and the smog of confusion that spouts from the few who scream and rant the loudest may cloud your view of those lights.

But do not for one minute ever believe that you are alone.

Even if you were the only light on earth, there are trillions of lights if you look up.

Happiness, Hye Young Lee

Happiness, Hye Young Lee

There is the great burning sun that shines every day. It shines it’s light on truth and truth reflects brilliantly until it eventually overcomes the lesser light of the fires of the incensed. Their fires will burn and turn to ash. The sun will burn on for as long as humankind lives and it has burned to shine the light on truth all throughout time.

The light that you are–the light of stars–is eternal, because truth, love and kindness are eternal.

Do not be worried too much. That glorious sun will still rise, even if for a moment it seems that the powers of darkness have won. As long as you and I take courage, our kindness and love and lives of sacrifice and goodness will conquer all of that.

And, in the end, if you don’t believe me, remember all the best fairy tales have always ended happily ever after and there is a truth to that. I believe it. I believe we will all have a happily ever after if we love. If we are kind. If we have the courage to be kind.

So, it’s up to you.

You can wring your hands and shake your head and fall down in despair and even, sometimes, get angry.

And sometimes that happens. But then, you must always remember to look up.

Look Up

Look Up

You can look up and see the brilliance and beauty of millions of heroic hearts who have gone before you: millions of ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives of kindness–small, seemingly insignificant acts, and now they shine as galaxies and you are part of that.

You can look inside and find your eternal fire that is kindled with love and you can have the courage to give up everything for it.

You can have the courage to walk alone sometimes.

You can have the courage to be the one who knows the most significant changes that will ever happen on this planet and even in this universe start with one person who decides to love another. And then another. And that makes a family full of love and hope and kindness.

Little Hearts, Katie Berggren

Little Hearts, Katie Berggren

Nothing else can be as powerful. Nothing!

You can have the courage to give up whatever you have to give up, to risk whatever you have to risk, to be part of and make a happy, loving family.

Happy Birth

Happy Birthday, Pascal Campion

You can have the courage to cut off the noise of the world, the din of those who would shout the loudest to be noticed, and instead fill it with laughter, tears of compassion, and the sounds of hope.

You can have the courage to face your loves in the quiet where your thoughts are the only sounds. Where your souls speak and you are close enough to see the flaws and love through them and live with some of them and not ignore it all by living separate lives under one roof.

You can have the courage to find mountain streams, ocean breezes, thunderstorms, the clean smell of fresh earth, and trees.

On The Sea, Majilan

On The Sea, Majilan

Find the oldest trees and learn from them. And run in the grass and hear the crickets singing in the summer and let fireflies go and fall asleep to the sound of nothing but the wind and the night. Let your imagination soar and play and pretend and never stop.

Pascal Campion

Pascal Campion

And never ever forget that when all else fails, faith will see you through. Miracles still happen. And we have the power to create the most powerful magic of all, the magic that will overcome all the darkness on earth and from hell…and that magic is love.

Have courage and be kind. For where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is… magic.