It’s the first day of spring here and I have thought a lot today about my perspective.

You see, I think spring is a time to shake everything up.

I don’t believe in spring cleaning.

I believe in spring purging.

I believe in a grand and glorious and messy and sometimes intense rebirth. Every spring.



I am thinking about my friend Mackenzie, who has an extremely rare form of pulmonary hypertension. She is young and beautiful and vibrant and she rocks this disease like no one else. She knows how to be reborn, even if it’s a new life that isn’t at all what she expected. (If you haven’t read her blog, Brave Little Lungs, you really need to. And after that, read her husband, Henry’s blog, Dear Mackenzie.)

I am thinking about this guy Beau Heyen, who runs a community kitchen in Kansas. They were doing some remodeling and he thought,

“How about make this like a restaurant instead of the same old soup kitchen?”

It didn’t cost any more money than doing the same old boring way, they just needed a few more volunteers. Now, when homeless people eat there, they are greeted by a hostess who seats them and a wait staff who takes their order and brings them their food. Food prepared by culinary art students.


Kansas City Community Kitchen

It was the same price as doing it the ugly way.

Beau decided to see the soup kitchen with different eyes, and what a beautiful difference it has made in the lives of so many.

I think about Mackenzie and Henry, her husband, and I just feel like she has decided that this is no different from the rest of her life–that it doesn’t cost more to live in an intentionally beautiful way and to continually see life with new eyes.

Henry and Mackenzie, photography by Samantha Broderick

Henry and Mackenzie, photography by Samantha Broderick

And I think about my life and I think that maybe there is a lesson here. Maybe it wouldn’t cost me more, either.

I can see where I could tear down a wall or two in my heart and maybe move things around a bit….Maybe I might need a few more volunteers. I know there are angels, and maybe they could help.

Are there more beautiful ways for me to live my life right now? I can think of five or six ways off the top of my head that are boring and sometimes even ugly.

How do I make them beautiful? How do I add color and depth and loveliness to the mundane, the difficult, and the soul stretching moments of my life?

All it takes is a change of perspective, a seeing with new eyes.

” The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to behold the hundred universes that each of them beholds, that each of them is…” –Marcel Proust

Whose eyes do I need to look through to understand how to create beauty? My children? My husband? Mackenzie? My neighbor? The homeless?

I wonder if that isn’t probably the point of being here? To see things through the eyes of others in order to realize beauty and then, compassion and love, in every aspect of human existence?

So here’s to spring, and to the hope in rebirth, new life and endless beauty all around and in and through us.