The world is a different place than it was before.

I don’t know how I feel about that. Do I feel it so keenly because I am getting old? Maybe, I guess. But I feel it.

I feel like time is less relevant, because it stops and starts and speed up and slows down recklessly, and it’s kind of scary, like when you don’t realize there is a step and you think there is one and there isn’t and you are momentarily falling and disoriented and your heart starts to race because it feels like there is nowhere to land.

And I feel like it makes everyone feel a little nervous, even though they may not know why. I watch everyone snapping photographs, ignoring life that is going on around them in a vain attempt to capture time and control it. And we can’t.

The world changes and I hold my breath and try to step back and see it from a distance because I don’t want to be afraid.

And, you know, it’s good. In spite of the capriciousness of time, if you step back until it is quiet, it is so clear how good life really is.

There are still great unknowns and things out there we have yet to discover, and we are so lucky to be here, right now. I tell my children that every day.

You are so lucky.

(And they know if they don’t agree, I will remind them that they do NOT have to live with pants eating plants, so they really are very lucky.)

There is so much good we need to do, and so much good to find–so many things to discover and so many things on the horizon.

It’s hard not to lose your way, simply because the possibilities are endless. It’s exciting and terrifying and wonderful.

The world is changing, and we are changing it.

We make the difference, we spread the good.

Everything we choose to become ripples across the earth, because we are all linked together, you and I, and our enemies and our friends.

We are all part of the human family, out here, alone in a vast solar system, on the edge of an even more enormous galaxy in an endless, timeless universe.

Here we all are. In this together.

Every choice we make echoes across time and reverberates through every other human being on this earth.

We are powerful.

It is our day to day, humdrum, little recognized kindness and goodness that truly powers the beauty and energy that fills the earth and moves people to try harder to be a little better.

I wonder if we even comprehend how our actions and thoughts of good and the choice to face another day with grace and courage truly effect the entire world.

If you feel like you are not making much of a difference, please know that you are. You are important to this world. You in all your flawed glory. And when it gets hard, because it does, remember it.

Life, after all, is made up of little things. Our life, our being, physically, is made up of little heart beats. Let that little heart stop beating, and life in this world ceases. The great sun is a mighty force in the universe, but we receive the blessings of his rays because they come to us as little beams, which, taken in the aggregate, fill the whole world with sunlight. The dark night is made pleasant by the glimmer of what seem to be little stars; and so the true Christian life is made up of little Christ-like acts performed this hour, this minute—…wherever our life and acts may be cast. –David O. McKay

After all, a waterfall begins with only one drop of water, and look what comes from that.*

*From the film, The Power of One